CONTRAST Creates New Truths

Opposites circle one another, engage – a lovers’ contest – and from their contrasts, new truths are born.

From the silence between sounds to the gaps between objects, from whole rainbows to the shift between their hues, we take in opposites, contemplate their contrasts and explore the liminal spaces between them.

Contrast creates understanding in extreme alternatives.

Contrast holds our world together.

Often, we forget that the opposite of one reality is not falsehood, but instead, another reality. That’s why we, a team of conference veterans, are curating conversations on the global stage – conversations stimulated by the contrast of many opposite universes, by the interweaving of Yin and Yang – fresh ideas emerge and innovative actions begin.

An Idea Conference in China

40 of the world’s most original thinkers will gather at CONTRAST to challenge conventional wisdoms in technology, science, culture, design, business and current affairs. Coming from vastly different backgrounds, they will share their perspectives at the three-day central event with 360 peer, on-site attendees through speeches, unscripted conversations or special activities.

After the three-day central event, participants will be invited for an extended stay in the host country, China. Then, they will reconvene for CONTRAST’s “come-back,” postconference sessions, sponsored by our Creative Partners.

These “come-back” sessions allow our Creative Partners (aka Sponsors) to come up their own ideas that intersect with CONTRAST’s agenda, speakers and global audienceship. We designed this method to sensibly reward sponsors without comprising our editorial ethics.

Also, the “come-back” sessions will re-examine ideas generated during the three-day central event against the background of everyday reality, the reality in which most people live. Participants who cannot return to participate on-site will participate through satellite or high-resolution telepresence technology.

However, the goal of CONTRAST’s integrated, holistic experience is not to generate a set of simple, faultless solutions, because “solutions often are better versions of problems” (RSW). The goal is to develop a richer understanding, for Understanding Precedes Action ™.

A Transmedia Production | A Global Multilogue

CONTRAST’s global audience will have multiple ways to access the conference

  • Attend

    on-site (seats limited)

  • Watch


  • Download

    app & online video

  • Subscribe

    digital publishing

  • Listen

    radio & podcast

  • Social

    an online vertical for China’s creatives
    (to be announced soon)


The Why — China and CONTRAST

Today, the conference scene is dominated by Western conferences focused on simple, technical solutions. But the West does not have a monopoly on wisdom, and simple solutions often overlook the ambiguities of life.

Bringing together people and viewpoints from opposite ends of many universes, CONTRAST embraces differences within and between cultures and help audiences understand complexity and inspire discovery.

China is a place of contrast. Steeped in ancient culture yet rocketing into the high-tech future, it is a transitional place where the Third World and the First World meet where Eastern and Western ideas comingle, where the struggles of all humanity are reflected among its 1 billion people. It is in this rich environment, where opposites are already dancing, that CONTRAST can best chart a new path, birthing new understandings and new truths.