Richard Saul Wurman

Chair and Creative Director
Richard Saul Wurman has written, designed and published 83 books on wildly divergent topics. Two of these are the notebooks and drawings of Louis I. Kahn (1963) and What Will Be Has Always Been (1986), a seminal collection of the words of Kahn.Wurman created and chaired the TED conference from 1984 thru 2002. He also created and chaired the TEDMED conference from 1995 to 2010 as well as the eg and WWW conferences. Wurman also chaired the IDCA Conference in 1972, the First Federal Design assembly in 1973, and the annual AIA Conference in 1976.

Wurman received both his M. Arch. & B. Arch. Degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, from where he graduated in 1959 with the highest honors, and was awarded the Arthur Spayed Brooks Gold Medal. He has been awarded several honorary doctorates, Graham Fellowships, a Guggenheim and numerous grants from the National Endowment for the Arts as well as the Distinguished Professor at Northeastern University. He is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Smithsonian, Cooper-Hewitt Museum. Wurman has also been awarded the Annual Gold Medal from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and a Gold Medal from AIGA. He is also a Fellow of the AIA, a board member of The Wolfsonian and in Art Director’s Club the Hall of Fame.

Wurman lives in Newport, RI with his wife, novelist Gloria Nagy, and their three yellow labs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Maggie Xiao

Founder & CEO
Maggie Xiao, founder of San Francisco-based The Opposite Inc., is a content and business curator. A conference veteran, Xiao was conference director at Red Herring magazine, during which time she met RSW, creator of TED and other leading conferences. Inspired by RSW’s mastery of “information understanding” , Xiao developed a new, greater understanding of conference organization. Their friendship has sparked many ideas in her, including the CONTRAST Conference and The Opposite Inc., a conference-empowered content engine.Xiao has organized conferences in Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai and the U.S. East and West Coast. Their themes have encompassed technology, energy, economy, climate, entertainment, culture and regional interests.

Caixin Media

The China Organizer
Regarded as one of the most authoritative business publications in mainland China (Bloomberg), Caixin Media is a Beijing-based media group providing financial and business news and information through periodicals, online content, mobile apps, conferences, books and TV/video programs. Caixin Media aims to blaze a trail that helps traditional media prosper in the new media age through integrated multimedia platforms.

Caixin Media’s editorial team is well-known for independent thinking and professional practices. They are insiders with a profound understanding of China’s ongoing economic and social transitions, as well as sharp global observers. They are the torchbearers of professional journalism, widely regarded for providing high-quality, credible content.